“Why do I support Stuart Fenton for Emmet County Prosecutor? Because Stu has become an active part of the community. I regularly see Stu at chamber of commerce events, Rotary meetings, community events, and just out on the town. He is very visible and very approachable. I like that. It’s a positive thing when our elected officials are engaged in our community, and even better when they take time to get to know you and to develop relationships. I’ve always said that people buy products from people they know and people they like. They also vote for people they know and people they like, and that’s why I’m voting for Stuart Fenton.”
Carlin Smith, Bear Creek Township Resident

“I’m Neil W. Ahrens, and I enthusiastically endorse Stuart Fenton for Emmet County Prosecutor. Stu has honorably served Emmet County in fine form as Chief Assistant Prosecutor and on many non-profit boards in our community. Emmet County needs a “hands-on” Prosecutor that personally works cases with passion, intelligence, and leadership, and mentors the other professionals in the Prosecutors Office and the criminal justice system. Stu Fenton is that person. I encourage you to join me in helping elect Stu to lead the Prosecutor’s office where he has already positively proven his honed skills and ethos of the highest level of public service.”
Neil Ahrens, Emmet County Commissioner

“I am a resident of Emmet County, who made some mistakes in my past and found myself in the criminal justice system.  Stu Fenton was the Prosecutor in my case, and always treated me fairly and professionally.  I highly respect his candidacy for Emmet County Prosecutor.  His credentials are top notch, having been Chief Assistant here and being a prosecutor in Kalamazoo for many years.  I have since obtained  a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and would like to make a positive change in my community. Stu took the time to meet with me and discuss issues regarding the local criminal justice system.  I endorse Stu Fenton as Emmet County Prosecutor 100%. “
Kevin Hanson

Stuart Fenton is uniquely qualified to be our next Prosecutor.  Decades of experience, good common sense, excellent judgment, a tireless worker, a family man, fearless and unyielding in his thirst for justice for those who have been victimized, especially the most vulnerable among us, and a man of faith.  I am very pleased to endorse him for Emmet County Prosecutor. 
Stefan Scholl,  Petoskey Attorney

“I support Stuart Fenton for Emmet County Prosecuting Attorney. He is an excellent attorney representing victims of crime. He is active in our community. He has the skills and the leadership to the lead the Prosecutors Office in these challenging times.”
Dan Branson, Harbor Springs Police Chief, retired.

“As a detective sergeant for Emmet County, I had the opportunity and privilege of working with Stuart Fenton on several high profile investigations, including two local homicides. The passion he brings to the courtroom and all involved, goes beyond expectations. Stu’s genuine care for local citizens lays the foundation for what is expected and needed as the prosecuting attorney for Emmet County.”
JL Sumpter – Det Sgt – Emmet County Sheriff Dpt, retired

“Fairness, integrity, honesty, compassion, willingness to do the right thing, and exceptional skills in the courtroom. These are the traits necessary to be an effective prosecutor. Stuart Fenton possesses all of them. He is a devoted public servant who cares deeply about public safety, and frankly, the best attorney I ever worked with in my 21 years with the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy, sergeant, and supervising lieutenant.  The Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office is desperately in need of Stuart Fenton’s leadership as prosecutor. While I have moved on to lead another law enforcement agency in the state, I strongly recommend each citizen of Emmet County to vote Stuart Fenton as their next Prosecuting Attorney.”
Lieutenant Tim Rodwell, Emmet County Sheriff’s Office, retired.

“Stuart Fenton was integral to the successful prosecution of all the high profile felony crimes I was tasked with during my time with the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office – arson, robbery, violent sexual assault, and homicide.  Stuart’s experience and passion for justice were just as integral as his procedural innovations that made the Prosecutor’s Office not only efficient but a trusted partner for all law enforcement agencies within Emmet County.  The Office of Emmet County Prosecuting Attorney needs the leadership and expertise of Stuart Fenton to return to providing justice and acceptable resolutions to crime victims in our county.”  
Detective Sergeant Wade Leist, Emmet County Sheriff’s Office, retired.

“The Emmet County Prosecutor’s office has been in need of new leadership for a very long time. I can think of no better person to fill that role than Stu Fenton. His leadership will be transformative. If you want someone in our courtroom with moxie and experience to fight and win those tough cases, then Stu is your man. He walks the walk. If you want a bureaucrat, then stick with the other guy.”  
David Heater, Harbor Springs Police Department, retired.

“Living in Emmett County as lawful citizens, our lives were safe from crime, or so we thought… Our quiet little world was shattered when we became innocent victims of very disturbing crimes. Having to confront evil through the judicial process was extremely intimidating.  However, having Stuart Fenton as our prosecutor completely changed our outlook. His professionalism, confidence, and mutually respectful relationship with the Michigan State Police reassured us continually that the offender would be held accountable.  It was clear to us that our case was not just another file for him; that this work is more than his job; that he genuinely cares for his victims and our community, and is totally committed to justice being done, which it was in our case. I strongly believe it is in our best interest to elect Stuart Fenton as the next Emmet County Prosecutor. He has proven to be a bold, diligent, hard-working and dedicated prosecutor who will bring high standards to the office and keep our community safe. My family would genuinely feel safer knowing Fenton was at the helm of our county.” 
Mandie McKay – Emmet County resident & crime victim

“In my 40 years of practice as former prosecutor, judge and now local attorney it is my opinion that Stu Fenton is one of the finest trial lawyers I have ever met. That is why I believe the citizens of Emmet County would be well served if the elect Stu Fenton as Prosecuting Attorney”
Joe Kwiatkowski, Past President Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan

“I whole-heartedly support Stuart Fenton’s candidacy for Emmet County Prosecutor. I managed the Emmet County Prosecutor’s office for 25 years, through four (4) administrations, and also managed a private law firm before that. I have attended virtually all of his trials since he came to Emmet county in 2013, and I can tell you without hesitation that he is the best prosecutor and trial attorney I have had the privilege of seeing in action. He is a passionate fighter for justice and has great compassion for victims of crime, especially young children victims of sexual molestation. Emmet County would be very fortunate indeed to have him as their Prosecuting Attorney.”
Sally Page – Office Manager – Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office (Ret.)

“Number one trial prosecutor I have ever worked with! Stuart is a passionate prosecutor!  His attention to detail in case/trial preparation is second to none. I would put him up against any prosecutor or defense attorney.   His knowledge of the law and ability to argue the facts is among the best of anyone I have worked with in 28 years in law enforcement.”  
Detective Lieutenant Brian Beauchamp – Pokagon Tribal Police Department; Major Crimes Detective Kalamazoo Public Safety Department, retired.

“It is my pleasure to endorse Stuart Fenton for Prosecuting Attorney of Emmet County. I worked closely with Stuart for many years as Captain of Cold Case Homicide Team in Kalamazoo, and then as Chief of the Kalamazoo Department Of Public Safety. Stuart is an experienced, skilled and dedicated prosecuting attorney. His knowledge of the law and his ability during trial are second to none. As prosecutor for our Cold Case Homicide team, Stuart worked tirelessly for victims who had suffered the most heinous crimes and brought justice and closure to the families of victims whose cases had gone unsolved for years. The community was a safer place because of his efforts. Stuart Fenton is a dedicated career public servant. He will be an exceptional Prosecuting Attorney for the citizens of Emmet County. Stuart perseveres in the face of adversity, as an example and a voice, for those who have been victims of crime. The citizens of Emmet County will never have a better advocate than Stuart.”
Dan Weston, Chief (Ret.), Kalamazoo Public Safety

“Stuart Fenton is tenacious, passionate, and focused to win the toughest of cases.  We were fortunate to have had him in Kalamazoo County. I am certain he would make an excellent Prosecuting Attorney! It was truly my pleasure to work with Stuart Fenton.  He is one of the best attorneys in the State of Michigan and he will work tirelessly for victims of Emmet County.” 
Carol Dedow – Deputy Chief, Western Michigan Police Department

“Best man in the courtroom I’ve ever met. Wish he was still here.”
Jim Vandyken, Undersheriff, Kalamazoo County

“Having worked in the criminal justice system and personally known Stuart Fenton for over 25 years, it is without hesitation that I endorse him for Emmet County Prosecutor. I have had the privilege of witnessing Stu’s passion to serve, unimpeachable integrity, and balance for fairness throughout his long distinguished career in the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s office.”
James Mallery, Captain – Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, (ret); Village Manager- Vicksburg (current)

“I have known and worked with Stu Fenton for the last 24 years. He’s handled criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor property crimes to sex crimes against children and high profile cold murder cases. His expertise and organizational skills in criminal prosecution, courtroom demeanor and ethics have made him not only an expert prosecuting attorney and public servant for close to 30 years, but the empathy he’s shown for victims and their families has always been impressive. His openness, availability, and problem solving skills always brought respect to our criminal justice system, and have not only resulted in successfully protecting our community but also helped them heal afterward. I offer my support without reservation to Stuart Fenton in his bid to become Emmet County’s next prosecuting attorney in this year’s election.”
Mike DeNoon, Detective Sergeant – Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office Polygraph Examiner

“A gifted prosecutor and victim advocate. We will always be incredibly grateful to Stu for bringing our family justice after losing a cherished member of our family to violent crime.  I hope the good people of Emmet County recognize the gift they have in you when they get to the ballot box!”
Susan Atkinson

“Stuart Fenton practiced in my courtroom for many years…  The citizens of Emmet County would be very fortunate to have him as their Prosecuting Attorney”
The Honorable Richard Ryan Lamb, 9th Circuit Judge, Kalamazoo County (ret)

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